Community Benefits

Community Benefits

The proposed solar farm will give rise to a range of benefits at different levels:


At a Local Level, benefits arising from the construction and operation of the proposed Blackwater Solar Farm will include:

  • A Community Benefit Fund.
  • A number of jobs created during construction.
  • Substantial rates paid to the relevant Local Authority.
  • Payment of taxes from the project, and dividends from Bord na Móna and ESB to the State.
  • Supporting a number of long term jobs in security and maintenance.
  • Indirect employment created through the sub-supply of a wide range of products and services.


At a Regional Level, the new development will help to supply demand for electricity in the Midlands region, resulting from renewed economic growth. During construction, additional employment will be created in the region through the supply of services and materials (concrete, stone, and fencing) to the solar farm.


At a National Level, the new development will play a significant role in contributing to the country’s national renewable electricity production and carbon emissions reduction targets by 2030, while also supporting a growing economy and population. During operation, the solar farm will replace the equivalent generation of electricity from fossil fuels and will therefore contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It will also assist with reducing our dependence on external energy sources and help to improve energy security of supply.